Know Ruido

back_swirl_bata Ruido is the wild child of contemporary Australian flamenco. With gypsy abandon, playfulness and brazen confidence, Ruido perform what they love. This includes the occasional song for children through to thumping Bulerias, delicate Guajiras, roaring Rumbas and soulful Tangos ballads.
Ruido Flamenco original compositions have firm musical roots in flamenco modes and rhythms. Unafraid to sing of powerful historical events such as war, refugees, deception, love and hope. Ruido conjure a fresh Indy-flamenco soundscape.

There are no barriers in this amazing troupe: these musicians get up and dance, and the dancers sing and play! Their show is an explosion of colour and passion that fills your senses. Ruido flamenco create gypsy ballads and tapping tunes for their evocative performances.  Ruido invite you into their beautiful ancient and magical world.

Ruido in the cave of gold


April - The fierce artistic Director
Fierce artistic Director
  • April: artistic director, composer, dancer, singer, percussion, rhythm guitarist
  • Greg: Operations Manager, arranger, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
  • Shane: manager, dancer, percussion, castanets
  • Jane:  Dance Manager, dancer, castanets
  • Sam: Vocal Manager, dancer, singer, guitarist
  • Andrej: singer, castanets, guiatrist
  • Jack: guitar, dance
  • Frank: guitarist
  • Elizabeth: Egyptian tabla
  • Robyn: Djembe
  • Miss Rodolfa (guest Dancer)
  • David Holberton (guest Guitarist)
  • Rachel (Guest Voice, Palmas)
  • Lisa Maris McDonell (Guest Dancer)
  • Lily: (Guest Dancer)
  • Shohini: (Guest Dancer, Indian Tabla)
How Do You Say Ruido?

Ruido is our bands name. In true Aussie tradition it is deliberately understated: It simply means Noise! How do you say Ruido? Roo-ee-doh with an aussie twang will do fine.

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