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We’ve also turned our 6th June show at Amona’s into a charity show for this worthy cause. Entry is still free.

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Free Dress Rehearsal @ Amonas

Tuesday 6th June from 7pm we are gathering at Amonas again.

What a blast it was last time!

Join us for mouth watering Tapas and a bit of fun in preparation for our show at Smith’s in Canberra that weekend.

Please book so you are not disappointed.  [Sorry we had to turn some people away last time.] Free performance.






Inviting Canberra Dancers

Ruido is performing June 10th, on the Queens Birthday Weekend at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra. We invite local flamenco dancers to join us. Our palos include Guiajira, Tangos, Rumba, Farruca, Fandangos, Collombianas, Tientos, Bulerias, Sevillianas, Martinette, Alegrias.

Are you a flamenco dancer? Would like the opportunity to dance with very alive flamenco band. We promise to be attentive to your tempo and attitude. Say yes! Flick us an email!  We have performed with a huge range of dancers in past years and always enjoyed the collaborations.

Ruido perform with true Gypsy spirit shouting support for one another, they brazenly drop into sudden mood swings from the light to the profound, Ruido seek no-ones approval. They will happily sweep you aboard. Ruido bravely offer insights in to the dark and mysterious art-world of progressive indie flamenco.



Ruido Wins Award

Ruido composer April Sampson-Kelly won a composition award in the Tune competition for 2017 Illawarra Folk Festival – Open Road – Song and Tune Writing Competition – proudly sponsored by APRA AMCOS

The tune was performed by April and Greg. It is used by Ruido in their profundo (serious) performances for Ruido’s Seguiriyas and Martinete. You can hear the entry here.



Ruido Showcase CANBERRA Multicultural Festival Feb 19th

Ruido will perform on the European Showcase stage at Canberra multicultural festival soon.

Come and cheer us along! Saturday Feb 19th at 3.15 European Village Showcase Stage


Ruido is the wild child of contemporary Australian flamenco. With gypsy abandon, playfulness and brazen confidence, Ruido perform with joyful witt.

They include the occasional song for children through to thumping Bulerias, delicate Guajiras and lullabies, roaring Rumbas and soulful Tangos ballads.

Ruido Flamenco original compositions have firm musical roots in flamenco modes and rhythms.  Unafraid to sing of powerful historical events such as war, refugees, deception, love and hope.  Ruido conjure a fresh Indy-flamenco soundscape.

There are no barriers in this amazing troupe: these musicians get up and dance, and the dancers sing and play! Their show is an explosion of colour and passion that fills your senses. Ruido flamenco create gypsy ballads and tapping tunes for their evocative performances.

Ruido invite you into their beautiful ancient and magical world.


Time: 18 February 2017 3.15pm
Location: Stage 6, Akuna St and City Walk


Standing Ovation Again, Thank you

Dear fantastic audience, thank you for your standing ovation on Sunday at Illawarra Folk Festival. And thank you for telling the organisers how much you enjoyed our show. It means a lot to us to have your support.

We are honoured and tickled pink that you enjoyed our new show – Treasures of the Silk Road. Samantha and April are proud of their new song – Out On The Open Road. We look forward to sending the good vibes out again.

flamenca tabla


Le, Le, Le: Tales Of The Open Road

our new show - treasures of the silk roadTomorrow we are recording our new song for our upcoming show about Treasures of the Silk Road.
We send a message of hope for marginalised people.

Some people are trapped in their homes, dreaming of a peaceful escape. Others are on the road dreaming of peaceful settlement. We sing of the joys of travel, of trying new things, greeting new people.

cropped-headerLyrics for TALES OF OPEN ROADS

Romero dons his fedora!
It sets off his silver hair.
A-a tirati,tirati,tirati,tirati-ir
lighting a fire in my soul
rekindling old sto-ries
Spi-nning tales of the road
strange and enticing
melodies rising
never quite the same
Searching for o-pen roads
Little girl cold and alone
Sola-a-a! Ella esta sooooola
Far from the war she will flee
lost is her family
Dark is the night, it is quiet,
memories bringing
whispers of peace
lulling her to sleep
Out on the open road
I follow the stream as it flows.
“quiero–ooo, quiero ir”
Weaving weeds into gold,
I’m trading on cha-nces
Fashion tri-nkets from the sand
[I] make what I fa-ncy,
tossing my fo-rtune,
laughing at the storms
le, le, le
Voy a donde quiero ir [repeat]

Ruido Secrets

What are we up to now?

me-and-me-guitarHola from April. On Monday we started seriously working on a new song – a Colombianas. But last night in rehearsal time we did very little music. We did manage a truck-load of program steering. Greg facilitated a small and happy core and we all got to talk about what we like doing on stage. And what we dream to do.

We are shaping our new show for the premiere in January.
It is called Treasures of the Silk Road. Here is the new bio:
A brand new show from Ruido, Treasures of the Silk Road.
Music of almost of every culture has been enriched by wild-hearted travellers. Journey with us to explore the stories behind the delightful treasures of this open road.
All told with Ruido’s signature explosion of flamenco colour and movement.

Where are we going with this?

sam-and-me-at-waterfallSam (one of our great singer/dancer/guitarist/drummers) and I hope to one day travel around presenting shows at schools. Part of the growth of this show will also be that it is presented to suitable fundraisers.
The tone of the show is: “look at what amazing things we have gleamed from being welcoming to other cultures”

Thank you as always for being part of the journey and although we have not always known where this leads, we have had tonnes of fun on the road together!
It was delightful to get such a warm welcome from the audience last Saturday. And to have a standing ovation was priceless. :>our new show - treasures of the silk road


Ruido Performing At Cobargo

Ruido and Far South Flamenco
Ruido and Far South Flamenco

Ruido are doing two shows at Cobargo Folk Festivalon 27th and 28th February.

We are playing with special guest dancers including the beautiful dancer, Veronica and her students from Far south Flamenco.

We are doing a Dance display and workshop for dancers and musicians on Saturday at the Brolga 2pm

On the Sunday at 2pm we are up on the Magpie stage singing, strumming, drumming and dancing a program of profound and light-hearted flamenco songs.

Download the full Cobargo Folk Festival program.