Recently we had a ball doing our first photo shoot. Jane coaxed the musicians and dancers into posing for Renee, our photographer, who was always kind and patient.
We enjoyed spending a day together without the pressure of sound-checks and costume disasters!

botanical gardens

Who are our fans?


What kind of people like our shows? we love seeing the huge range in age and ethnicity of people watching our shows. Since 2011 we have performed over 50 shows and some of our audiences have been over 500 people. We can confidently say that over a thousand people have seen us grow over from our humble beginnings into the big and colourful troupe we are now.¬† Our audiences have soldiered on through mud, rain storms (Cobargo), swealtering heat (Majors Creek), piercing sunlight (Thirroul Seaside) and many other great challenges and we thank you for your undivided attention. We have been especially amused watching your ice-cream melt as you sit there enraptured by our shows (Kangaroo Valley) and for the children who have loved dancing in our childrens workshops. A recent couple in the audience at Narabeen said we brought “tears to their eyes”.

Our New Creative Year

fans_edited-1In the cool-down after our great winter fiesta we had our troupe dinner and dreamed up some new troupe wishes. We will now be starting on some new material and there is a early spring in our step! Dance Classes are starting again with gusto on Tuesdays at 7 and Thursdays at 6. A lively Bulerias de Wollongong is out next big challenge and a Tempetuous Tango. We will also be using frame drums in this year’s productions.

How Do You Say Ruido?

Ruido is our troupe’s name. In true Aussie tradition it is self-effacing. It simply means Noise! How do you say Ruido? Roo-weedo with an aussie twang will do fine.



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