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Big thank you to Wollongong City Council for grants to support our cultural performances.

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October 9th 2022 – FLAMES! The premiere  celebrates female performers of Wollongong.
World music musicians, dancers and light artists (poi and shadow puppetry) highlight a vibrant culture.  

Tickets on sale now https://merrigong.com.au/shows/dance-of-the-flames/ 

Our Highest Notes

Our all-girls performance for She’ll Be Right at Port Kembla was a blast.
We also loved the crowds at Warrawong Westfield and
thank the attentive crowd at the International night for University of Wollongong.
And it was a big night performing for Women’s refuge Fundraiser.

A few things we’re great at

We don’t normally blow our trumpet – but seeing as you asked

Off the Beaten Tracks

Ruido Flamenco award-winning compositions have firm musical roots in flamenco. Using traditional modes, chords and Palos (rhythm families). Unafraid to sing of powerful historical events such as war, refugees, deception, love and hope. Ruido conjure a vivid Indie-flamenco soundscape.

Songs with Heart. Rhythms with character

Ruido sing in English and Spanish because they we want their audience to know the character and stories of the flamenco songs. They cheer one another on and they laugh at any bloopers. They interact and connect with each other and you, the audience. No show is the same as the last.

Unearthing Old Stories

Whilst Ruido love to present forgotten songs from far flung places, more than half of their songs are composed by the troupe. This is flamenco way. Every family has their own version of a song, writes words to bring the verses to life and sing them in their own unique way. And every Ruido song has guest artists who improvises. Sometimes it is in the lead guitar, sometimes in the vocalists, sometimes Clarinet, bamboo flute or tenor sax.

Dancer and Musician in One

Unlike most other music forms, flamenco honours the dancer as a contributing musician. These rhythms are rapid, clear, complex and intricate beats that can only be articulated by drummers with shoes on!

Their show is an explosion of colour and passion. Ruido flamenco create gypsy ballads and tapping tunes for their evocative performances. Ruido invite you into their beautiful ancient and magical world.

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Samantha Rudd Flamenca, photo credit: Matt Houston

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