Called Back To Canberra

Cultural Treasures of Australia

Saturday November 10th

We are back in glorious Canberra for one day only – 2 shows  4pm and 7pm with our Songs From The Flamenco Tree Show

Por Que?

’cause we love the tight Smiths sound and the colourful vibes.  The staff and regulars of Smiths are playful.  We also love our Canberrian Saxophonist/wooden flute player, Nitya and this is his home turf.

But best of all, the audience was right in there with us! They understood that flamenco is not always high strung, dead pan or showing off (although all of those things are immensely rewarding). Flamenco is very much alive in Australia and an evolving artform.

We will have the internationally award-winning contemporary Flamenco choreographer and dancer, Lisa Maris MacDonell performing with us.

So excited!!!! Hope you are too.