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Flamenco Treasures for Australia

Flames – World Music, Dance, Art of Light

In October we present our World premiere of Flames – a collaboration of women artists, musicians and dancers in Wollongong. This is a first for Australia to have all women musicians, dancers and light artists on stage. Artists Collaboration The Chicas of Ruido, Tribal Jewels, Solymar, Ifritah, Sally Wilson, Aviva Sheba and Rachel Flannery will…
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Back in the Saddle

We’re swinging back in to the saddle, performing on June 5th – hope you can join us! This will be a magical fund raiser dinner – a fun ferminist and fabulous evening. We’re dusting off our best frocks, best voices and fiery characters. June 5th 2021 – Hold on to our coat tails – you’re…
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Flamencadora – The Musical

Land on Your Feet – Find Your Voice In the midst of a post-Corona Spanish recession, Alegria dreams of performing as a Flamenca. But she is not of Spanish looks. Even her father protests with the Purists. When her mother finds the courage to fight his tyranny he begins to see clearly from behind the…
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Pandemonio Flamenco

Ruido have created and tested a series of short flamenco lessons during the COVID shutdown. We offer these free for you, our supporters. We look forward to seeing you all again when we get back on the road. Here is Ruido’s Youtube Channel The lessons for beginners start with a B. Lessons for intermediate dancers…
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The 3 Amigas

This Friday, the all-girls core group of us Chicas will perform for a comedy night. Flamenco is not always about death, deceit, and despair. Occasionally, flamenco gets cheeky. We call ourselves the 3 Amigas (who obviously don’t bother to count ’cause there are 5 of us). We are the fiery La Chispa April, Elegant Samantha,…
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A Chance To Dance

This Saturday Ruido Indy Flamenco are performing at Smiths in Canberra.  They are doing two shows, one at 4pm and one at 7pm.  Ruido do pena-style flamenco – they encourage you, the audience to join in – maybe just a little bit of participation with clapping along or maybe getting up to dance. Most Flamenco…
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Free Music Score for Flamenco Song – Tangos de Triana

When you set out to learn how to sing flamenco you must accept whatever guidance is offered. Traditionally, the singing teacher sings loudly at you in a tiny room. Then they stop abruptly, eyes open, and waiting. You are expected to sing back. Be not afraid to sing back loudly. The slightest hesitation will set…
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Called Back To Canberra

Saturday November 10th We are back in glorious Canberra for one day only – 2 shows  4pm and 7pm with our Songs From The Flamenco Tree Show Por Que? ’cause we love the tight Smiths sound and the colourful vibes.  The staff and regulars of Smiths are playful.  We also love our Canberrian Saxophonist/wooden flute player,…
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Flamenco Funday

Sunday 21st October Ruido are hosting a Flamenco Funday at Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival. In the morning we will run a workshop for dancers and musicians combined.  Our dance and music workshops are well loved by the folk festival community. All levels and ages welcome. In the afternoon we will celebrate with a pop-up fiesta,…
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Ruido Loves A Party

Recently we performed at a beautiful birthday Party. Happy Birthday Lisa-Jane in Gerringong. Everyone looked amazing. They were all dressed up and dancing, stomping and shouting ‘Ole’. David Holberton played with us, smiling as he played. Under a clear summer sky we sang with fairlights, and sparkling joy.

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