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Cultural Treasures of Australia

Carmen and Miranda

Carmen and Miranda are rare flamingos blown in by a roaring good brouhahaha.Their cries are bilingual in Aussie and Flamenco. Their feet tap. Their skirts flap. They ruffle guitars.The folk of their homeland love rhythms ya can’t shake. Beware when you listen – you’ll sing in their wake. A Light-hearted Duo with a Flock of…
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Rhythm Guitar for Women

This short course in Rhythm Guitar is for Women (and friends) is about getting women confident creating live music.¬†Feel, anticipate, follow and drive the action in a band.¬†Blend in with the guys, or start your own band. In these sessions you will play around with different rhythms, build rhythm empathy, learn to jam, explore styles…
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Thursday November 23rd SPECIAL EVENT

Thursday November 23rd is our big show – Dance of the Flames – Brighter than ever! Save the date. With support from Wollongong City Council Cultural Services we present a free show now at City Diggers Wollongong. There will be Ruido Flamenco, Nitya, Perla and Elizabeth with Tribal Belly Dance, LED show by Ifritah and…
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Tonight we are joining a special performance at North Break Cafe Woonona Come and join us, great food great guitar by Nigel Jones and some songs and dances by Ruido Chicas – 3 Amigas

Upbeat Futures

This week a Duo from Ruido (April and Nitya) performed for a special function. We provided performances and incidental music for a joyous graduation ceremony. These programs assist refugees in learning english and learning to drive. Having a licence has enable women in particular to support their families and get employment. The event was organised…
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Learn Cajon with Ana Otero

Photo of Heidi Joubert of Fernando’s Kitchen playing a Cajon Photo by Dave Catchpole Ana Otero has Flamenco in her blood. She is also a great dancer and Cajon teacher. This is a rare chance to learn layered rhythms on Cajon from a Maestro. Fridays 6pm only $20. Studio in Mt Kembla. Bookings essential as…
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Flamenco on Piano 1878

When you think of Flamenco musicians, you may immediately think of guitarists, singers and perhaps castanets. But did you know that the piano was used for many Flamenco songs for over a hundred years. Jose Miguel Hernandez Jaramillo has studied these works in doctoral thesis. Each musician around the world of the centuries has invested…
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Solea for Piano

After a lesson with Paco Lara, April sometimes feels inspired to create a flamenco work on the piano. Here is a Solea for Piano. Stern Entry Composed by April Sampson-Kelly

The Making of My Glam Piano

This summer our Glam Piano was created. This is how my sister Fiona and I made the BABY GLAM Piano. I have always dreamed of playing my grand piano outdoors in a park for a big event like New Years Eve with thousands of people. So, with a dream in my heart and a number…
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Flamboyant Flamenco

Our latest Flamboyant Flamenco performance was on New Years Eve by Ruido 2022-2023. It was hosted by Kiama City Council Hindmarsh Park. Performers: Ifritah Fire Dancer, April S-Kelly (on Glam piano, Guitar, Voice, Dance) Jack Kearton (Guitar) Samantha Rudd (Guitar, Voice and Dance) Rachel Flannery (Voice) Ana Otero (Cajon and Chuflas) Shane LadyMoon (Dance and…
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