Carmen and Miranda

Cultural Treasures of Australia

Carmen and Miranda are rare flamingos
blown in by a roaring good brouhahaha.
Their cries are bilingual in Aussie and Flamenco.
Their feet tap. Their skirts flap. They ruffle guitars.
The folk of their homeland love rhythms ya can’t shake.
Beware when you listen – you’ll sing in their wake.

A Light-hearted Duo with a Flock of Friends

Carmen and Miranda are a light-hearted duo with colourful friends. These chicas love performing for festivals and parties. They sing, play guitar, cajon and dance flamenco. They sing Spanish folk songs as well as catchy Latino tunes like the Gypsy Kings. They are also compose their own tunes and lyrical translations. They sparkle in tiny corners of restaurants and bars. At festivals they get folk clapping, tapping and shouting along.

Listen here.