Flamenco Treasures for Australia

Dance, Guitar, Voice and Drum

aprilWe regularly present workshops in dance, and flamenco rhythm for adults and children at various folk festivals.  Our years of experience at festivals and corporate events, carefully combines different levels to keep everyone engaged.

Flamenco Dance Lessons 

Ruido have free short Flamenco dance lessons online.

Beginner dance steps

Intermediate dances

Latest Childrens Video

The main teacher is April [La Chispa] – Artistic Director of Ruido
“April dances with the grace and energy of a little bird”

Drumming Lessons:

shane2Our dancer and tabla drummer Lady Moon [Band Manager] offers drumming lessons on Tabla.

For all dance, drum and guitar enquiries please email ruidoflamenco@gmail.com

Flamenco Teachers in Wollongong:

  • Miss Rodolfa B Rosario 0449191370 at dancespace
  • Dance and Meditation in Motion sessions are offered by our senior and beautiful dancer Lisa Maris McDonell. contact 0422492946, email to: marismaris@yahoo.com
  • Anna Otero phone 0438 875 068

Recommended Singing Teachers: Karen Cummings
Other Resources: Flamenco Australia Magazine

What to Bring To DANCE Classes:

April Dave bw bustWaterbottle, Full skirt (women) and fitted black trousers (men or women) and jiffies (soft fitted slippers) or flamenco shoes – Don’t buy shoes, fan, castanets or Shawl until you see what you need to look for.  Comfortable noisy covered shoes are best for your first session.. It is advisable to wear cotton fitted shorts or legging under your skirt especially in summer as they absorb sweat and keep you cool.

We have some Ruido merchandise, flamenco shoes and costume for sale, otherwise we can help you find a supplier.

Here’s a free copy of our sevillianas choreography. Enjoy.


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