Dance of the Flames

Cultural Treasures of Australia

Shining a light on Women, Culture, and Her-Stories

The Dance of the Flames draws together the power of flamenco, the allure of belly dance, the flair of shadow theatre, and the thrill of flamboyant pyrotechnics. In an instant, the flames flare. In the next breath, they’re tender and warm – performing dances, refrains, and beats from far away and long ago.

Fusing original compositions with traditional melodies gleaned from world music masters. Historical songs of love, loss, joy, and suffering include Bulerias, Alegrias, Fandangos, Guajira, Colombianas, Rumba, and Tangos. This retelling of neglected tales reveals parallels in our modern world. Featuring female composers, performance artists, and live musicians of the Illawarra.

Brought to you by Ruido Flamenco with support from Wollongong City Council Cultural Services.

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Dance of the Flames included real fire on New Years Eve 2022 in Hindmarsh Park

Dance of the Flames Premiered in 2022

DANCE OF THE FLAMES is a powerful Illawarra women’s cultural collaboration including a 30 week program to develop new works (compositions and choreography). It builds connections between live musicians and dancers. We also create dramatic shadow techniques, light sculptures and costumes to highlight intricate cultural movements. The project culminates in a free major performance.


Subject to funding, we hope to run the next show in October. This year we plan to showcase a female guitar sextet, a combined Cajon and dance number. And introduce Ana Otero as an emerging Cantante!