Flamencadora – The Musical

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In the midst of a post-Corona Spanish recession, Alegria dreams of performing as a Flamenca. But she is not of Spanish looks. Even her father protests with the Purists. When her mother finds the courage to fight his tyranny he begins to see clearly from behind the mask.

Flamencadora will be a whole new experience for flamenco audiences in Australia. It is now in development and seeking input from artists and supporters.

Where are we up to?

WRITE MUSIC & WRITE SCRIPT, tick! that’s done but now ready for refinement

> STAGED READING > This is where we are up to

VIDEO PILOT > add dancing and video of musicians


We invite you to get involved

Read and Comment

To read the script and send comments follow the link is here

Join in the Staged Reading

We are now looking for actors to be involved in a staged reading. We plan to record the staged reading and produce it is as a podcast. If you wish to be a performer in the staged reading or a member of the support team, email ruidoflamenco@gmail.com

Join the support team

Support team includes branding, visuals, director, dramaturge, artistic director, and communications.