Inviting Canberra Dancers

Cultural Treasures of Australia

Ruido is performing June 10th, on the Queens Birthday Weekend at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra. We invite local flamenco dancers to join us. Our palos include Guiajira, Tangos, Rumba, Farruca, Fandangos, Collombianas, Tientos, Bulerias, Sevillianas, Martinette, Alegrias.

Are you a flamenco dancer? Would like the opportunity to dance with very alive flamenco band. We promise to be attentive to your tempo and attitude. Say yes! Flick us an email!  We have performed with a huge range of dancers in past years and always enjoyed the collaborations.

Ruido perform with true Gypsy spirit shouting support for one another, they brazenly drop into sudden mood swings from the light to the profound, Ruido seek no-ones approval. They will happily sweep you aboard. Ruido bravely offer insights in to the dark and mysterious art-world of progressive indie flamenco.