Le, Le, Le: Tales Of The Open Road

Cultural Treasures of Australia

our new show - treasures of the silk roadTomorrow we are recording our new song for our upcoming show about Treasures of the Silk Road.
We send a message of hope for marginalised people.

Some people are trapped in their homes, dreaming of a peaceful escape. Others are on the road dreaming of peaceful settlement. We sing of the joys of travel, of trying new things, greeting new people.

cropped-headerLyrics for TALES OF OPEN ROADS

Romero dons his fedora!
It sets off his silver hair.
A-a tirati,tirati,tirati,tirati-ir
lighting a fire in my soul
rekindling old sto-ries
Spi-nning tales of the road
strange and enticing
melodies rising
never quite the same
Searching for o-pen roads
Little girl cold and alone
Sola-a-a! Ella esta sooooola
Far from the war she will flee
lost is her family
Dark is the night, it is quiet,
memories bringing
whispers of peace
lulling her to sleep
Out on the open road
I follow the stream as it flows.
“quiero–ooo, quiero ir”
Weaving weeds into gold,
I’m trading on cha-nces
Fashion tri-nkets from the sand
[I] make what I fa-ncy,
tossing my fo-rtune,
laughing at the storms
le, le, le
Voy a donde quiero ir [repeat]