Rhythm Guitar for Women

Cultural Treasures of Australia

This short course in Rhythm Guitar is for Women (and friends) is about getting women confident creating live music. Feel, anticipate, follow and drive the action in a band. Blend in with the guys, or start your own band.

In these sessions you will play around with different rhythms, build rhythm empathy, learn to jam, explore styles and begin to improvise. Each week will be a different song, a new beat and challenges to crack. 

5 sessions for only $100
limit of 8 in the group
Thursday evenings 6-7pm

Society City – 274 Crown St Wollongong
Starts Thursday Feb 29th 2024

Guitar Hire available
Bookings essential
0413539744 [Text if no answer]

For Women, By Women

This course is designed by a woman for women. Guys are welcome. You might be a little surprised by the way we work. We may digress a little. And we might reveal our feelings. We will probably change our minds. (This is often because we feel the room and are quick to adapt). But best of all, we leave no one behind.

Diversity Enriches Us

Learn with April Sampson-Kelly ADPA BCA MCA GrdDipSci Ethnomusicologist, Professional Musician, Composer and Dancer. April is an award winning multi-instrumentalist and artistic director of RuidoFlamenco. For decades she has focused on community and cultural arts. She sees our culture enriched by active women of various ages, cultures, looks and personality. The songs in this short course have a mix of songs from around the world.

Be Solid

Great rhythm guitarists are not loud. Nor are they pushy.
Instead, they are really good at listening.

And they are solid. They know their stuff.

This short course will get you on the path to rock solid. Jump in!