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our new show - treasures of the silk road

What are we up to now?

me-and-me-guitarHola from April. On Monday we started seriously working on a new song – a Colombianas. But last night in rehearsal time we did very little music. We did manage a truck-load of program steering. Greg facilitated a small and happy core and we all got to talk about what we like doing on stage. And what we dream to do.

We are shaping our new show for the premiere in January.
It is called Treasures of the Silk Road. Here is the new bio:
A brand new show from Ruido, Treasures of the Silk Road.
Music of almost of every culture has been enriched by wild-hearted travellers. Journey with us to explore the stories behind the delightful treasures of this open road.
All told with Ruido’s signature explosion of flamenco colour and movement.

Where are we going with this?

sam-and-me-at-waterfallSam (one of our great singer/dancer/guitarist/drummers) and I hope to one day travel around presenting shows at schools. Part of the growth of this show will also be that it is presented to suitable fundraisers.
The tone of the show is: “look at what amazing things we have gleamed from being welcoming to other cultures”

Thank you as always for being part of the journey and although we have not always known where this leads, we have had tonnes of fun on the road together!
It was delightful to get such a warm welcome from the audience last Saturday. And to have a standing ovation was priceless. :>our new show - treasures of the silk road