Ruido Showcase CANBERRA Multicultural Festival Feb 19th

Cultural Treasures of Australia

Ruido will perform on the European Showcase stage at Canberra multicultural festival soon.

Come and cheer us along! Saturday Feb 19th at 3.15 European Village Showcase Stage


Ruido is the wild child of contemporary Australian flamenco. With gypsy abandon, playfulness and brazen confidence, Ruido perform with joyful witt.

They include the occasional song for children through to thumping Bulerias, delicate Guajiras and lullabies, roaring Rumbas and soulful Tangos ballads.

Ruido Flamenco original compositions have firm musical roots in flamenco modes and rhythms.  Unafraid to sing of powerful historical events such as war, refugees, deception, love and hope.  Ruido conjure a fresh Indy-flamenco soundscape.

There are no barriers in this amazing troupe: these musicians get up and dance, and the dancers sing and play! Their show is an explosion of colour and passion that fills your senses. Ruido flamenco create gypsy ballads and tapping tunes for their evocative performances.

Ruido invite you into their beautiful ancient and magical world.


Time: 18 February 2017 3.15pm
Location: Stage 6, Akuna St and City Walk