Song, Dance and Light Reflections from Sam

Cultural Treasures of Australia

Samantha Rudd Flamenca, photo credit: Matt Houston

We met for our first rehearsal with Shadow play on Friday. I love preparing for a new show. It’s fun to stretch our skills and work with new people. The theme for the rehearsal was “play”. To be honest, when I think of “play” I think it’s the opposite of being productive. “Play is an important part of children’s learning, but what about when you’re an adult?”

choreography, technical work, props and shadows

We used the walls of our rented hall to play with light, shadow, and movement and explored how to manipulate those things for the best effect. We were dreaming big and the room buzzed with music and collaboration. We had a lovely variety of people there. Musicians, dancers, visual artists, and engineers each shared their ideas and tested new ways of doing things.

April (left) Aviva (middle) practicing with castanets and stiking shadows, Sam (guitar right)

The playful rehearsal was very productive and the ideas generated will fuel rehearsals to come. It looks like play is still helpful even when you are an adult!

I am really looking forward to seeing these new ideas develop and enhance what was already going to be a solid show. This is going to be amazing!

Samanthat dancing, April guitar and voice, Rachel Flannery on harmonies – first glimpses of WOW