The 3 Amigas

Cultural Treasures of Australia

This Friday, the all-girls core group of us Chicas will perform for a comedy night. Flamenco is not always about death, deceit, and despair. Occasionally, flamenco gets cheeky. We call ourselves the 3 Amigas (who obviously don’t bother to count ’cause there are 5 of us). We are the fiery La Chispa April, Elegant Samantha, Giggly Cassandra, Regal Jane, and Señora luna Shane.

Please get your tickets before you rock up. We cry when people get turned away. And crying makes our make-up smudge.

In this act we perform one profound [profundo Bulerias] item Obligation – “I sing to warm your heart…. but I will not give you love, that’s your mother’s obligation”.

This ought to wake the audience up!

Then we whip out a cheeky Sevillianas – “You Tell Me That You Love Me But You Haven’t Got A Single Moment Spare”.

Hot on the heels of this Sevillianas will be our Alegrias – “Oh Such Is Life!”

Then, if time permits our Tangos de Trianna – “Aylere” follow. This has a cruel twist for those of you like a corny pun. Sit in the front row if you wish to be tormented.

Ruido is constantly evolving. And loving it. :>