The Making of My Glam Piano

Cultural Treasures of Australia

This summer our Glam Piano was created.

This is how my sister Fiona and I made the BABY GLAM Piano. I have always dreamed of playing my grand piano outdoors in a park for a big event like New Years Eve with thousands of people. So, with a dream in my heart and a number of plans to make one that fits in my car, I set about to make a baby glam piano. It premiered for New years eve in Hindmarsh Park, Kiama. Ruido Flamenco had fire dancer IFRITAH to perform with us. As the sunset fell, our lights shone. A magic event! This glam piano now has a new stage keyboard to handle big speakers and tweeks and modifications keep coming. I love it!!! Performer – April Sampson-Kelly

Thanks to my mum for your pattern ideas, and my partner for putting up with me and not taking over. Thanks to my sister Fiona for your patience, support, and ideas. Thank you to everyone in Ruido who believed in the project and helped to cart it on stage and back to the car. Thanks to Ifritah for loving the flamenco piano compositions and fire dancing as I played.

Ifritah – the perfect partner for the glam piano