What We Found in the Afterglow

Cultural Treasures of Australia

In this video we describe 6 outcomes from our Stage 1 development phase of lighting techniques. We want to give a big thank you to Matt Houston of Ironbark Photography for devising a cradle for the lights and going through the program with a fine tooth comb! And thank you Greg Knight for his engineering feedback and stopping us from loosing our eyesight. Also, thank you Norbert Gotz in Dusseldorf, Germany for your amazing instructional videos and personal feedback miles across the sea.


1. Magnification of Movement through choreographed positioning and light angles.

2. Using the Negative space created by the shadows as backdrop for fire twirling.

3. Shifting the Perspectives and distortions achieved by the Shadows by choreography and precise positioning of artists.

4. The beauty of LIGHTING DIVERSITY to rest the audience eyes, unify the performing team and change colours (we haven’t yet incorporated colours or slides due to potential intensity losses).

5. more ACCESSIBLE CULTURAL INTRICACIES – the fingers, special head-dresses, skirtwork and even footwork were able to be magnified.

6. SYMBOLISM in light work meant we were able to use flames from a camp-fire prop, hand-held candles, and a ‘gas’ lamp to evoke historical connections and then take the visual storyline into the future with the LED fire-twirlling.

S.L.D.s refers to the Single source lights with high intensity beams were used with our own designed cradles, and modified barn doors shields on the sides. All the positions and angles were programmed and the floor marked for different performer heights. Two operators positioned the lights during the show.