Cultural Treasures of Australia

Australian steps in long journey of an old song

Our work for piano and fire twirler is based on a traditional tune developed by the Spanish poet and musician Federico García Lorca (1898–1936). Original music composed and performed by April Sampson-Kelly. Dance, film and choreography by Ifritah.

Zorongo – Dance by Ifritah, Music by A. Sampson-Kelly

With partial funding from Wollongong City Council Cultural Services we presented this work at our recent spectacular Dance of the Flames. We hope to build more works like this to continue our work in discovering old songs, reviving old dreams and hurling our creative culture into the future.

Franz Liszt (1811-1886) once said, “My sole ambition as a composer is to hurl my javelin into the infinite space of the future.” Ruido’s ambition is to preserve what we have and represent it with relevance to Australian audiences.

The lyrics are: Tengo los ojos azules, tengo los ojos azules Y el corazoncillo igual que la cresta de la lumbre. De noche me salgo al patio y me harto de llorar De ver que te quiero tanto y tu no me quieres nà. Esta gitana esta loca, pero loquita de atar, Que lo que suenas de noche, quiere que sea verdad. Las manos de mi cariño Te están bordando una capa Con agremán de alhiehíes y con esclavina de agua. Cuando fuiste novio mio Por la primavera blanca, Los cascos de tu caballo Cuatro sollozos de plata. La luna es un pozo chico, Las flores no valen nada, Lo que valen son tus brazos Cuando de noche me abrazan. Lo que valen son tus brazos Cuando de noche me abrazan. https://lyricstranslate.com/en/zorongo-zorongo.html TRANSLATION: I have blue eyes, I have blue eyes and my little heart is just like the tip of the flame. By night I go out on the court and I cry until I´m spent seeing that I love you so much and you don´t love me at all. This gypsy woman is mad, she is raving mad, for she wishes that what I dream at night would come true. The hands of my love are weaving a cape for you with a gimp made of wallflowers and a hood made of water. When you were my boyfriend, back then on the white spring, the hooves of your horse were four sobs made of silver. The moon is a shallow pool, the flowers are worth nothing to me, what I value are your arms when they hug me in the night, https://lyricstranslate.com/en/zorongo-zorongo.html

Here is a pdf of the full score.